GPA South Florida Chapter

The mission of the Grant Professionals Association is to build and support an international community of grant professionals committed to serving the greater public good by practicing the best ethical and professional standards. GPA is the leading authority and resource for the practice of all grantsmanship in all sectors of the field.

Our membership includes grant professionals in the counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier, Lee, and Monroe.

Membership has its benefits

We offer:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Networking with peers in our area
  • Information sharing: funding, skills, tips, RFPs
  • Help! Reach out to a large pool of subject matter experts
  • A dynamic organization where everyone understands what you do!

Become a Member

Join the Grant Professional Association South Florida Chapter today in five easy steps:

1. Go to the GPA online store

2. Under the category: “Featured Products”, Select National Membership.

GPA offers the following membership tiers:

National Membership: $209 (National Membership is available for persons that do not fall in any of the categories below – Student, Entry Level or Legacy. National members are able to run for a position on the GPA Board of Directors, vote, volunteer and receive full member benefits.)

Student Membership: $87 (Student Membership is available for persons who are enrolled as full-time undergraduate students at a college or university – 12 credit hours – or who are enrolled in a graduate program. Documentation of the enrollment must be submitted with the membership application. Student members are able to run for a position on the GPA Board of Directors, vote, volunteer and receive full member benefits.)

Entry Level Membership: $153 for the first year (Effective November 2010, Entry Level Membership is a category for persons who have been in the grants profession for two years or less as proven by the submission of a resume and a letter from your employer certifying this. Membership in this category is limited to one year. After one year, the member would pay the Regular membership fee in order to stay in good standing with GPA. Entry Level members are able to run for a position on the GPA Board of Directors, vote, volunteer and receive full member benefits.)

Retiree Membership: $153 (Effective July 2012, the Retiree Membership is a category for persons who have been a full member of GPA for at least two years prior to becoming a Retiree member. The member cannot be working as a grant professional in any capacity [i.e., either part-time or as a consultant]. As a Retiree, the member can serve on GPA Committees, will have the same voting rights as National Members, and is eligible for all member benefits and rates, including registration at the annual conference. The member cannot hold an elected position on the GPA National Board.)

Legacy membership: $50 (Legacy Membership is only available to those who have joined GPA prior to December, 1999. Individuals must keep their Legacy membership current to receive the Legacy membership rate. Legacy members are able to run for a position on the GPA Board of Directors, vote, volunteer and receive full member benefits.)

Organizational Membership: $350+ see below for pricing (for organizations with two or more employees that wish to join GPA. Membership is given to the organization but the benefits flow down to each individual assigned to the memberships. Each individual needs to fill out the membership application and mail/fax/email in with the organization’s monies.)

1 Staff – $209.00 (normal dues rate)
2 Staff – $350.00
3 Staff – $500.00
4 Staff – $650.00

3. Next, join the South Florida Chapter under “Linked Memberships”. The cost is only $25 per year !

4. Add both memberships to your cart.

5. Submit secure payment.

Become Active in the Organization

Win Scholarships by Being Active in the GPA South Florida Chapter.

Don’t Miss Out!   Active members of the GPA South Florida Chapter can earn scholarships to the GPA National Conference!  More information about the application process will be posted in April.

Network with Peers

Events are planned throughout the year. Members and non-members are welcome. See the Events page for the latest information.

Join a Committee

We have exciting committees that will engage your interest and provide opportunities to increase your skills!




Contact Info




Provide the   best in Professional Development!   This committee selects appropriate locations for programmed meetings, secures   interesting presenters on various topics, and creates material for the   Marketing Committee to disseminate to the membership. They also secure fun   venues for our Networking Events.





Work on   interesting projects to retain and attract new members! Develop and implement recruitment strategies, encourage   and engage grants professionals. Take the Chapter to a whole new level of   professional advocacy.





Make it   happen! This committee is   responsible for promoting programs of the Chapter. Functions include   development and dissemination of Chapter news, announcements via various   tools, and integration of new technologies into our meetings and   communications. Includes occasional website maintenance/enhancements.





Let’s get   together! This group recruits   presenters, determines the agenda/topics and coordinates on-site logistics   and registration for the Regional Conference that is held each July.





Ensure our   future! This committee ensures   Chapter leadership succession and is responsible for preparing the slate of   nominees for election to the Executive Board (President, Vice President,   Secretary, and Treasurer). They recruit candidates for board vacancies,   prepare the slate of nominees, and conducts election proceedings at the   November Annual Meeting.


For more information or if interested in joining one or more of these committees, please contact the individual committee chairs.