Attention All GPASF Members: 

We are still in search of hosts with the most!

Please review the Session Host and Hospitality Desk Host descriptions below for the 6th Annual Regional Conference taking place on July 25th.

If you’re interested in serving in either position, please contact Katrina Daniels ( or Laura Turk (

Thank you for you commitment to GPA South Florida!


2014 GPA South Florida Regional Conference


Role: Session Hosts are the primary contact for each speaker, and your job is to ensure all logistics related to the speaker’s session go smoothly and the speaker feels valued and appreciated. In addition, as a host you help set the tone for the session by creating a warm, welcoming, helpful presence.

 Specific duties include:

1. Pick up your session packet at the Registration Desk no later than 15 minutes before your volunteer slot is scheduled to begin. The packet will include the speaker’s bio and the session evaluation forms.

2. Proceed immediately to the session’s assigned room, make sure the correct sign is posted for the session, introduce yourself to the speaker, and verify all A/V equipment is set up and working, and that the speaker has water. If there are any problems, immediately notify a GPA staff person at the Hospitality Desk, who will contact the appropriate facility staff for assistance.

3. Welcome each attendee at the door and distribute any session materials.

4. Begin the session promptly by making a housekeeping announcement:

a. Announce session topic and number (to be sure all attendees are in the correct room).

b. Request all cell phones and pagers be turned off or set to mute.

c. Ask for persons to complete the session evaluation form.

5. Introduce the speaker using the bio information provided in the packet you picked up.

6. Turn in the envelope to the registration desk at the conclusion of the session.


2014 GPA South Florida Regional Conference



Role: To greet and assist conference attendees, volunteers, and session speakers, at check in and throughout the conference, and to be a resource for conference attendees offering information about GPA.

 Specific duties include:

1. For registration, you will mark off each attendee’s name on the sheets provided. Additionally, you will give each conference attendee an already prepared nametag.

2. All volunteers are required to check in at the registration table, where there will be a volunteer check-in list.

3. Workshop presenters may check in at the registration desk. If they do stop by the table, you will inform them of the location of their workshop and ask if they need any assistance. Each session will have a session host.

4. Session hosts are to check in at the desk. You will give them an envelope that contains the presenter’s bio and the presenter’s gift. The envelopes are marked with the session number and name on the outside of the envelopes.

5. Administrative duties that might be assigned include preparing replacement name tags, helping last minute people register for the conference, and accepting payment (check, credit card). Cash payments must be handled by a Board Member.

6. Offer information, pamphlets, and obtain contact information, for those expressing an interest in joining GPA and/or our Chapter.